When you start to dislike someone, every little thing that they do starts to annoy you.  oh SO TRUE.

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Nerdy. But these are kinda cute :P

Nerdy. But these are kinda cute :P

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Wanted: Motivation

Almost 6 AM and I need to wake up in 2 hours for class. I hate early classes! especially since I’m such a night owl. :(

It’s so hard trying to find motivation lately…. I’m not doing bad… just not amazing. In high school, I HAD to be the best at everything. I NEEDED to get all A’s and to be in the top of my class. And now, I settle to be average. Maybe it’s because I get intimidated by all the smarter people here that always answer the professor’s questions and seem to understand the material when I’m sitting there going WTF is going on.  I used to be one of those “smarter people….” but now I guess I’m losing faith in myself and thus losing motivation. 

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Hello Tumblr

I guess it’s not the smartest thing to start a tumblr right before my summer B-iotch begins but now that I’m back in Gainesville, I might as well! Yay for more distractions! :P

Summer hasn’t really been what I planned for… but I guess that’s why people say you shouldn’t plan things, because then you won’t be disappointed.  No matter what I do, that “summer cycle” is always inevitable.  Seriously, EVERY.SINGLE.SUMMER.  And honestly, every summer, I care less and less.  But I still have the rest of the summer filled with lots of Organic 2 and fun events to attend….VSO stuff, meetings, AASA dance practice, tubing, pool parties, Go-Fest, uNAVSA… Nothing will bring me down. :)

I miss writing and I’m really excited to start this thing up! I love looking at old posts on Xanga and old pictures and wallposts on Facebook.  People change and shit happens, but you’ll always have your memories.

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